The Logo

Designed by Tuitui Art
Described by Waikarere Gregory (a Kaitaia artist of Te Rarawa descent)
This design combines historical and cultural information pertaining to Kaitaia and the Far North, drawing on traditional Maori art forms, yet resulting in a contemporary piece. It has the potential to stand alone as a free-standing sculptural piece or as an art piece to adorn the front of the Te Ahu Complex.

Contained within the design are the concepts of pathways, meeting and a definite forward movement evident in the koru forms. The central kowhaiwhai pattern is what I refer to as the manawa line or heart line – symbolic of what I envision the complex to be. Being the heart of the community, a central hub/meeting place from which things flow and into which flows much energy. Again, this is symbolic of the blood of our various peoples, connecting us back to our tupuna/ancestors, to ourselves of today and those yet to be born.

I also like to see the fading presence of the manawa line as a reference to our watery surrounds – our beautiful coasts. And this serves as a reminder to the flow of water within and of our own wairua. The tetekura or unfurling fern fronds represent new growth, progress, potential yet realised, wairua and, as the whakatauki goes, as one dies another grows to take its place. The shadow lying below refers back to the words of Nopera Panakareao (famous ancestor of the Kaitaia region who signed the Treaty of Waitangi here at Te Ahu in 1840) – words, it is said, that moved many into signing the document. The digit like ends of the large koru are as fingers reaching out to welcome manuhiri, to embrace the locals and stretching up to the heights of Ranginui, and as toes firmly grounding us on Papatuanuku.

This design pulls together not only the people of the North but their history too, as well as presenting a warm and positive image to visitors to the area.

This logo was enthusiastically embraced by all involved with Te Ahu. How appropriate the kaupapa is to our dream and how suited it is to the logo, proposed facility and location. The logo was celebrated at a special blessing in December 2007. The celebration was attended by and involved local Kaumatua, dignitaries, Trustees and community representatives.


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