Kaitaia – Far North, New Zealand

Stepping into the Far North takes you to …

… the world of endless white sandy beaches, where spirits fly and godwits land, and  a place you will not easily forget. Kaitaia is New Zealand’s northernmost town. Located just south of the junction of State Highway 1 and State Highway 10 it is the perfect place to continue your journey to the top of the North Island.

Everything you need to see is just ‘up the road’ as the locals say: 90 mile Beach, Spirits Bay, Cape Reinga,  and the white sands of the Parengarenga harbour. Or ‘ just down the road’; beautiful, historic Doubtless Bay including Mangonui harbour, which once was the mooring place for the largest whaling fleets in the South Pacific.

If you want to learn about the history of  Kaitaia, an unsung leader in New Zealand’s history, visit the local regional museum which is housed at Te Ahu.

Cape Reinga gateway to the Far North

Te Ahu Kaitaia

A vibrant community, in the heart of Kaitaia.

Te Ahu is a multi-functional community facility in Kaitaia in Northland, New Zealand, which houses the area’s library, museum, i-SITE visitor information centre and council customer services. The complex also houses a café, a variety of venues for hire including different sized meeting rooms, banquet room and a main hall, little theatre, art space and cinema. Floor plan – click here.

You will not easily forget Te Ahu;  the Pou that surround you, representative of local iwi (muriwhenua), nor the godwits suspended overhead, or the fish of Maui beneath your feet. If you visit Kaitaia without visiting Te Ahu, you will forever have an empty space in your memories of the Far North. Te Ahu – a place not to be missed.


Corner of Mathews Avenue and
South Road (SH1)
Kaitaia, New Zealand
Phone: 09 408 9453


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