Stuff I Forgot to Tell My Daughter – Michele A’Court

Saturday, March 19th
Starts: 7.30pm
Te Ahu Cinema
Bookings: $20 Kaitaia i-Site
Limited to 100 tickets, be in quick!

20 years ago Michele had one of those things. You know. A daughter. Last year, Holly moved out of home, got a job and went flatting.

Since then it has become apparent to Michele that there are some gaps (ok, chasms) in Holly’s general knowledge. A few bits of stuff that she forgot to tell her. All sorts of things really – from how to store ginger, how to thaw bread without electricity, to explaining what feminism is. Whoops.

Without the child at home needing clean clothes, hot meals and a taxi service, Michele has had some time to think about these things. The result is this – some lessons for Holly, and Michele’s first solo show in seven years.

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